Last week, SingularDTV hosted a screening for the film Perfect. Directed by Eddie Alcazar, with a score by Flying Lotus, executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, the movie depicts a psychedelic retro-futurist view on a violent young man’s journey through rehabilitation at a mysterious institution. Shot at the infamous Sheats-Goldstein Residence, the Lautner-designed home was a perfect setting to present the directors world of self-mutilation, ritualistic bathing, and lackadaisical models strewn across leather furniture including Flaunt faves Rainsford and Shaun Ross.

The movies moments of primordial violence is cut with tranquil shots of the glorious surroundings of the Goldstein Residence, this matched with a natural dose of post editing brought the films world into alien territory. The Flying Lotus soundtrack helps to ignite the strong digital psychedelia that the layered animations provide. A must for fans of films like Beyond the Black Rainbow.

After the screening and a Q&A the crowd was shuttled up to Sheats for an after party organized by SingularDTV and Perfect Executive Producer Phil Hoelting with Oscura Film. The night’s festivities of tacos, tequila and weed was punctuated by a DJ set by Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder Records artists. Perfect goes on a world tour, ending in New York, followed by a release on SingularDTV’s new streaming platform.